About Ottica TV

Ottica TV was set up in 2008 as a platform for international contemporary art based movie content. On Ottica are the kind of movies you might encounter on a visit to an art gallery, experimental narratives or simply an expression of visual 'joie de vivre'.

The intention is to promote Ottica TV not just as an internet resource, but to engage in public events and interactions. This would typically take the form of sceenings, projections and location based events.

The Channel content is provided by independent authors, with a diversity of qualification and experience, and aims to represent a range of international artists working in this field.

If you are a contemporary movie maker, artist using time based media or cultural commentator / documentary-maker working within the visual arts, please visit our 'Submission Info' page for details on how to apply.

The Channel aims to attract viewers that are interested in seeing the wide range of projects that these contemporary artists / movie authors are engaged in.

If you would like to support Ottica TV or make a suggestion for a project, please contact Paul Malone at Ottica TV (hello@otticatv.co.uk).

Ottica TV relies on the valued contributions of its contributors and supporters to continue to present a resource for the public and a platform for these authors and their movies.

Or maybe you just like what we do....any donations to the Channel are gratefully received.

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