Screenshot from the Streaming Festival, Amsterdam. Oct 09


Ever had one of those days when everything goes right?

No matter how hard you try, events conspire to deposit you in the lap on the Gods. All your efforts to elicit sympathy from friends and relatives fall on stony ground and those tears just will not flow.

Well this is the day and this day is a Monday. You do not need to go to work as money will fall from a golden sky. Far more productive to ship the oars and float downstream on your newly found cushion of good fortune. Enjoy.

On every side we are beleaguered with portents of catastrophe and is all our fault! Not any more. By your action in viewing these movies everything will come right and be truely anastrophic.

Augury, extispicy, spontaneous divination, omens, sortilege, expensive consultant fees,...and the like, are consigned to the dustbin of history as, quite simply, things just cannot go wrong.