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Alexandra Dementieva

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Chat 2006 (06:59)

'Chat' explores the condition where the borders between the real and imaginary lose their reason to exist.
By its very nature digital technology offers the ideal entrance point to the in-between state. Film hero finds herself more and more surrounded by sound landscape of WEB that sweeps away everyday images and in the end replaces them.
Soundtrack : Aernoudt Jacobs. ©ademxl 2006



Appearing on Streams :

B-556 2008 (05:02)

B-558. It may be a perfect number of machines or the space ship, or an abbreviation, cryptic message? Dementieva forces the viewer to dizzying (and in the true sense of the word) journey through labyrinths of Brussels Parking. Rotation in the uniform space ends in collapse, which justifies the monotonous ways up. Senselessness of last gyre into the eternal future in an ideal landscape, lost and found. Fantasy landscape, the expectation and anticipation, and "no more blood, no heart, no human time: the only powerfully throbbing and shudder on his own pulse transparence - and nothing more". Karina Karaeva. ©Alexandra Dementieva 2008

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