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Alma Tischler Wood

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Dream 2008 (08:42)

'Dream' is one of two films shot on the way from Tokyo to Narita International Airport. The film features a young woman sleeping on the train and a man watching the world passing by. Off camera, we hear someone discussing miracles.
©Alma Tischler Wood 2008



Appearing on Streams :

Opposite 2009 (03:22)

'Opposite' is an originally eight hour long film material shot after a long day of working on an abstract painting during a residency at the CAC in Manchester. It is an observational piece filming a busy street late at night until early hours of the day from inside across the street. The work is part of a series of site specific, black & white or colour videos looped, usually projected on a roundish object. The more you look at some thing the more abstract it becomes... ©Alma Tischler Wood 2009

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