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Gianluca Ferrari

There's Light. Her Light
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There's Light. Her Light. 2008

Gianluca Ferrari has worked on themes such as light, cinematographic projection, the female face and exhibitionism, developing a personal interpretation using video and video-installation, tools of expression that he frequently uses in his works. The piece becomes a visual and conceptual journey in which the elements of light and dark deconstruct the identity of the subject to create a new image and a personal imaginary image.

Light and dark are used as instruments to create a structural metamorphosis of both form and gestures to create a new subject, able to interact with the viewers on several levels of understanding.


Self Portrait

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Self Portrait 2008 (01:04)

One of the most interesting things about this artistic research is the continual discernment between the work and space that surrounds it. This discernment allows it to obtain a powerful and effective reaction from the viewers. In fact, the viewer is not a passive element but becomes a real presence in the conceptual action that takes form in the contact between the work and space that contains it. So space becomes a fundamental function. The environmental features of exhibit spaces are a key element by which the work can enter into symbiosis. Elements such as sound (indistinct noise or musical sounds), movie images, and the physical presence of the viewers can be seen as elements in contact with the work on both conceptual and perceptive levels.

The main intention is to develop self-portrait iconography using video. On a formal level it has been chosen to create a series of interventions on both moving images and still images, through multiple layer stratification. Using multiple stratification is directly correlated with the intention of developing concepts such as personal memory in a spatial context and public environment. The primary purpose is to create conceptual passages that offer the viewers a chance to interact with the work on various levels. ©Gianluca Ferrari 2008

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