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Amputee 01 : Mind
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Amputee 01 : Mind.

04:48, HD Video, 2011

Amputee 01 represents my own experience. It is the least 'amputated' story; it exists as an experience very close to me, an event easy for me to replicate through my own knowledge. The theme of amputation, however, exists throughout the piece.

The images on the rear-projection screen were created from my own telling of the story – an image of a map, streets, colours representing being trapped by fever. This was written separately to the dialogue, which takes on its own manifestation of the experience. The actor takes it further, performing it almost exactly as they perceived it from its written form as a script.

It takes on a new life, as a character telling you their story. The abstraction that it contains, however, separates itself from what it is trying to represent, with the use of unrealistic lighting, theatricality from the actor, and a seemingly endless possibility of backgrounds behind the performer.

The props are, in turn, very minimal, to tone down the disorientating nature of the piece. Every movement of the actor is written into the script. The freedom I gave the actor in terms of execution, I held back in their ability for movement. I wanted to explore the control we give as storytellers in social spaces, using cinematic language to break it apart, or to amputate it.

Performed by: Catherine Rowney
Artistic Assistance: Lewis Acott
Technical Assistance: Emma Barltrop

© Jade Heritage 2011