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Jonathan Moss

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RQV2 2007 (02:38)

A place between the Mediterranean and the mountains, just a few miles from Perpignan, on the edge of a motorway. A place left to remind us of the Holocaust. From this camp in Rivesaltes thousands were sent to Auschwitz and on this land thousands were abandoned to die. Shockingly, a section of this camp is still used today as a detention centre for illegal immigrants.

This work depicts a walk through the ruined buildings and across the undergrowth of this camp where many have walked before under desperate circumstances. Beautiful images belie a dark history. The natural sound of footsteps has been distorted to evoke the sense of disquiet. 'RQV 2' is a journey exploring this land, its clandestine history and the artist's heritage. ©Jonathan Moss 2007

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