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Massimo Premuda

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Popcorning. 2008 (02:45)

It's a well known fact that a kernel of corn, when heated, generates an internal pressure which increases to the point of creating a sudden, mini explosion, pushing the endosperm of the seed towards the exterior, which becomes that light, white foam which gives popcorn its classic look; to the contrary, the kernels which do not explode are called "old maids".

Curiously, a particular habit of guinea-pigs of jumping to express happiness, satisfaction and sexual excitement is also called "popcorning." These small rodents, in fact, make a sharp movement - they arch their backs and stretch out their paws, as if they're about to buck - very similar to the reaction of kernels of corn when they're heated.

Hence the idea of the young artist, Premuda, of creating works which confront these two improbable and fascinating ambits, vegetable and animal, in his first important personal exhibition (curator: Vasja Nagy). In the exhibition in Trieste, which can be visited until the beginning of November, this unusual, "fantastical" pairing is explored through new works, photographic enlargements, video comments and bizarre and futuristic hypotheses for tenements for guinea-pigs in the form of "animal architecture".

by Vasja Nagy


Rat Hotel

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Rat Hotel. 2008 (07:02)

Massimo Premuda presents his bizarre and futuristic hypothetical housing for small domestic rodents in the direction of animal architecture. Modular housing in the form of micro-installations where pets can live. Block structures and urbanization are presented as pieces of 'animal ready' design to host the situations and the gestures of the everyday life of these animals, echoing situations common to everyday human life.

Rat's Hotel is a rodent version of Dovecot, which invokes the idea of the hole, where lurk rats, but also that of the hovel, a ramshackle and miserable dwelling.

Visual observations recorded by the artist are not intended to offer answers or solutions for everyday life, but express simply their opinion on certain behavior patterns in society and trigger unusual reflections on contemporary life.

Massimo Premuda