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Max Valentin and Tony Hultqvist

North to South : Space for Memories
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North to South : Space for Memories. 2010 (06:50)

The narratives compete for our attention. Consciously or unconsciously they travel like spores between the minds of the enlightened citizen. The neighbourhood of Italy, Malta and Sweden merge into one. Intangibly, the never-ending story affects their surroundings but transformation is impossible. We end in an open question regarding the ownership of who is in power to introduce a new master narrative?

The project of "North to South: Space for memories" is a collaboration between Fabel Kommunikation from Stockholm, a curator group from Malta, a theatre group from Parma, Italy and a group of international anthropologists. European Cultural Foundation has funded the project. The film is the final result of a one-year process of collecting micro narratives through sms and interviews.