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Steven Scott

Electric city, A Modulated Image. 2010
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Electric city, A Modulated Image

A real time video of a decaying neon sign depicting the word ‘Electricity’ is projected onto a wall of a disused electricity substation. The sign flickers as it dies and transforming the visual word into a physical object, no longer able to transmit its meaning in a purely linguistic form.

Electric city, a Modulated Image takes the re-iteration / re-utteration of words and the subsequent decay or evolution of their meaning, and focuses on electricity as the enabler of the infinite manifestations of these spoken and visualised word/images across international borders.

Here the temporal element introduced into the word image via the sign’s flicker, the repetition and the re-presentation of the word in this video, attempts a visual equivalent to the ‘stutter’ and as such resonates with Deleuze’s notion of stuttered or vibrated words as an intensifier of the ‘foreignness’ in ones own language.

Meanings become extended to their limit and ultimately the spoken word is reducing to an abstract sound, the visual word to a silent glyph. ©Steven Scott 2010


Cataract Sun

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Cataract Sun 2006 (02:03)

One of a series of works referencing relationships between the physiological effects of sunlight, and the danger of direct sunlight on the eyes. Underlying this series is the notional relationship between sunlight, vision and consciousness.

This video was shot using a cheap low resolution cctv camera. The unnatural colours and the black disc on the sun's image are the result of the camera’s inability to cope with the intensity of direct light, by chance giving the appearance of a huge solar eye. Clouds drift across the sky momentarily obscuring this 'eye', cross linking references to blindness, seeing, being watched and consciousness of self. ©Steven Scott 2006

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