Ottica TV Submissions

Welcome and thank you for your interest in contributing to Ottica TV.

Submitting your Movie:

Please read the 'About Ottica TV' info first to get an idea about the Channel. We are a Channel that engages with contemporary art based content especially (but not exclusively) with moving image in the broadest sense.

Please e-mail us first to let us know of your interest; along with a link, if you have one, to your movie online.


Entry is by invitation or selection from submissions. It is free to send in your movie (see submission info below).

In the Movie section we are thinking of 2 or 3 movies - up to a maximum of about 20 minutes - as examples of what you do. Most artists now have their own site on which they hold their content and the player pages will have a link to this. Supporting text for the movie is also included on the player page.

We are hoping from time to time we do a 'call' for various projects. As Ottica TV is a project site we hope contributors will be able to participate in these events.

We now have a 'Reportage' section so do feel free to submit content of this nature - interviews, reports on exhibitions and screening, contemporary art theory, etc..

Format :

Please send your movie as a 1080p HD file. Preferred as Quicktime (*.MOV) format but we can do the conversions from most file formats. On the Channel the movie will be reduced to a 720p MP4 file - i.e. 1280 x 720 pixels at 5000 bitrate.

Please only send in movies as single files - i.e. not as DVD files (INFO, VOB, etc.) or those conversions that generate separate video and audio files. If you have a problem then do get in touch.

How to send in your Movie:

*Please do not send your movie as an e-mail attach*

The movie should be sent only by FTP as my mail server space is limited. There are several good free FTP facilities at i.e. Wetransfer. The e-mail address you need to do the FTP is the

Information to go with your submission - send this by e-mail attach to

Your movie on the Channel

Once your movie is uploaded you will be e-mailed so you can proof check everything is OK.

Disclaimer: Ottica sets out with the intention of being open minded about submissions. However, the usual conditions relating to offensive content apply. We reserve the right to classify or decline to broadcast content for whatever reason or to close the Channel, either on our own account or on advice from the hosting company. Likewise contributors are free to withdraw their content at any time.

Thank you again, Paul Malone (Ottica TV)